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Apartments & Housing Developments

Baals Bridge Development

Project: Baals Bridge Development, Barrington, Limerick

Builder: P.J. Hegarty & Sons Ltd

Parkview Apartments

Project: Parkview Apartments, Limerick

Builder: P.J. Hegarty & Sons Ltd

Henry Street Development

Project: Henry Street Development, Limerick

Builder: P.J. Hegarty & Sons Ltd

Hotels & Leisure

Muckross House Hotel

Project: Muckross Park Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Builder: Eamonn Costelloe (Kerry) Ltd

Arcitect: P'Sullivan Campbell Architects

Kenmare Bay Hotel

Project: Kenmare Bay Hotel & Housing Development, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Builder: Kenmare Plant Hire Ltd

Architect: O'Sullivan Campbell Architects

Dominican Biblical Research Centre

Project: Dominicans Biblical Research Centre, Dominican Street, Limerick

Builder: Tom Hayes Builders

Industrial Offices

Cook Ireland

Project: Cook Ireland, Limerick.

Builder: P.J. Hegarty & Sons Ltd

Motor Showrooms

Pierse Motors

Project: Pierse Motors, Tipperary Town.

Builder: Client

Audi Dealers

Project: Audi Dealer, Newmarket Motors, Cork.

Builder: Client

Colville Hunt Motors

Project: Colville Hunt Motors, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Builder: Client

Barlo Motors

Project: Barlo Motors, Thurles, Co.Tipperary

Builder: Client


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Schools & Hospitals

Mary Immaculate College

Project: Mary Immaculate Teacher Training College, Limerick.

Architect: Murray O'Laoire Architects

Builder: P. Elliotts Builders

Starting Small Standing Tall

Project: Starting Small Standing Tall Creche, Crossagalla, Limerick

Builder: Client

St Mary's Primary Care Centre

Project: St Mary's PCC, Cork.

Architect: Avanti Architects

Builder: Walls/MMD - joint venture

Sports Facilities

Thomond Park

Project: Thomond Park, Limerick.

Architect: Murray O'Laoire Architects

Builder: P.J. Hegarty & Sons Ltd

University of Limerick

Project: University of Limerick, Limerick

Architect: DPS Architects

Builder: John Sisk & Son Ltd

Vistakon Gym

Project: Vistakon Gym, Limerick

Architect: Project Architects

Builder: Glenman Construction Ltd

Waterford Sports Centre

Project: Waterford Sports Centre

Architect: Frank Ennis & Associates

Builder: Clancy Construction

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